Monday, 19 December 2016

How to get into MBA in Marketing and make a great career?

MBA or Masters of Business Administration is a Post Graduate degree that is amongst the choicest career options in India. Youngsters, be it from any stream or branch or location, dream of holding an MBA degree to pursue a rewarding career. It is believed in India that only an MBA can make life fulfilling and meet every wish we have from our career and life. So how to get hold of this degree and what you would require to start one?

Marketing is the most necessary field in any industry as without marketing no business can start. Marketing is the only department which is seen in almost all companies, and also one without which no business can survive.

Requirements in MBA in marketing:

If you are planning to get a degree in regular MBA, first and foremost you should be a graduate in any discipline with minimum 50% to 60% percent (varies from institution to institution) of marks in it in Indian colleges and universities. There are many colleges and universities in India that take direct admission based on the graduation subject and your mark you achieved in your graduation. There are many that conduct their own entrance test, group discussion followed by an interview and then admission. But the most reputed colleges and universities in India enrol MBA candidates through the scores in CAT, XAT, MAT, NMAT and GMAT entrance tests. The tests are tough and candidates have to go through many levels before getting an invitation from the colleges for admission. It is the marks you received in entrance test and interest areas that can help you get into MBA in marketing.

What skills you must have?
Though skills are tough in the MBA programs, still candidate with well-rounded broad skillsets and a potential to become excellent marketing professionals do very well. Skills in mathematics, impressive communication, analytics, convincing power and leadership skills are a must.

Courses Covered

Common courses found within MBA in marketing include:

·       MBA in Marketing management
·        Operations management
·       Marketing channels strategies
·       Consumer and brand management
·       Internet, technology, retail, digital, sports, and other specialized marketing fields
·       Forecasting, modelling, and marketing strategy
·       New product strategy, branding, and marketing
·       International and multi-national marketing
·       Sales force management

If you are seeking an admission in top MBA colleges in Mathura or best MBA University in Delhi NCR, do a research of colleges and their programs and courses. Know about the faculty members in the campus and also the placements offered in the previous years.  It is important that you know about the place beforehand before getting enrol in any program. There are many colleges offering world class MBA programs which can build your career and fulfil your career dreams