Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Business Schools too are making mark in the Industry

Though number of Business Schools and the programs runs by them keeps increasing every year, the demand for good business school with quality education never dies down. Out of thousands of management institutes that dot the country from north to south and east to west, only the top few are revered across industries. To get enrolled in the most reputed institutes that are ranked as top 20 that also include the internationally illustrious best IIMs in the industry, candidates needs lot of determination and hard work. Only the ones who are able to crack the top CAT, XAT, MAT, NMAT and GMAT entrances with high percentile are able to make it to the Tier 1 institutes. The number of candidates that appear for the management entrance tests every year goes into lakhs, making it difficult for the most prestigious institutes to save a place for each one appearing for exams. Consequently, only top few hundreds are able to secure places in the most prestigious institutes of India. The remaining aspirants have to opt for Tier 2 and Tier 3 Business Schools and Colleges for Management degrees.

Students who could not make it to IIMs and other institutes that are ranked in the top 20 category need not be disappointed. There is no dearth of good MBA institutes in India offering world class education in most student friendly environment. All you need to do is find that one institute that can help your career take off. Not every business school is good enough to make your career rewarding. There are many institutes and colleges in the industry that are not even recognised or registered as academic institute. Certificates from such institutes will only make your future miserable. So always try and do a proper research about an institute before enrolling. When you have decided well in advance that you want to study management then keep yourself informed about the colleges and universities that are reputed in the academic as well as industrial circle. Discuss with elders and also with those in the family who have already accomplished Management studies. Talk to friends and people in your surroundings, can also discuss it with your teachers in your college. Learn about the best MBA universities in Delhi  and other cities of the country. There are few top MBA colleges in Mathura, which has the privilege of being close to national capital region. Know about their campus environment, student facilities, fee structure, programmes offered, faculty qualification too, before making your final decision. 

Monday, 19 December 2016

How to get into MBA in Marketing and make a great career?

MBA or Masters of Business Administration is a Post Graduate degree that is amongst the choicest career options in India. Youngsters, be it from any stream or branch or location, dream of holding an MBA degree to pursue a rewarding career. It is believed in India that only an MBA can make life fulfilling and meet every wish we have from our career and life. So how to get hold of this degree and what you would require to start one?

Marketing is the most necessary field in any industry as without marketing no business can start. Marketing is the only department which is seen in almost all companies, and also one without which no business can survive.

Requirements in MBA in marketing:

If you are planning to get a degree in regular MBA, first and foremost you should be a graduate in any discipline with minimum 50% to 60% percent (varies from institution to institution) of marks in it in Indian colleges and universities. There are many colleges and universities in India that take direct admission based on the graduation subject and your mark you achieved in your graduation. There are many that conduct their own entrance test, group discussion followed by an interview and then admission. But the most reputed colleges and universities in India enrol MBA candidates through the scores in CAT, XAT, MAT, NMAT and GMAT entrance tests. The tests are tough and candidates have to go through many levels before getting an invitation from the colleges for admission. It is the marks you received in entrance test and interest areas that can help you get into MBA in marketing.

What skills you must have?
Though skills are tough in the MBA programs, still candidate with well-rounded broad skillsets and a potential to become excellent marketing professionals do very well. Skills in mathematics, impressive communication, analytics, convincing power and leadership skills are a must.

Courses Covered

Common courses found within MBA in marketing include:

·       MBA in Marketing management
·        Operations management
·       Marketing channels strategies
·       Consumer and brand management
·       Internet, technology, retail, digital, sports, and other specialized marketing fields
·       Forecasting, modelling, and marketing strategy
·       New product strategy, branding, and marketing
·       International and multi-national marketing
·       Sales force management

If you are seeking an admission in top MBA colleges in Mathura or best MBA University in Delhi NCR, do a research of colleges and their programs and courses. Know about the faculty members in the campus and also the placements offered in the previous years.  It is important that you know about the place beforehand before getting enrol in any program. There are many colleges offering world class MBA programs which can build your career and fulfil your career dreams

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

MBA Graduates have Ample Scopes

Masters of Business Administration or MBA is a program that is designed for the students to pursue the careers in business management. This qualification helps the graduates to find variety of job opportunities and this leads their career graph to high level.

MBA graduates also have the opportunity to do business specialization in various subjects which include marketing management, finance, human resources and many more. In fact, the students can focus more with detailed studies on areas like healthcare management, IT industry and various other sectors.

Some of the job opportunities that the top MBA colleges in Mathura can provide for the graduates in various areas are as follow:

-  Marketing: Pursuing graduation in MBA marketing can be beneficial. It helps in generating innovation marketing and promoting strategies, which can create recognition for the company.

-  Human Resources (HR): This subject offers a huge scope to the graduates, since it refers to all the activities, which come under the department of Human Resource Management of a company. The work process includes the planning and identifying the jobs vacant, staff management, etc. These professionals are also to select and recruit candidates for various posts, along with the orientation program.

-  Finance: This particular subject provides a variety of opportunities, as these professionals can be chief financial officers. Apart from that, they can take up the role in an investment bank, insurance agency, accountancy, corporate finance and many other jobs related to finance.

Also, the top management universities in UP provide renowned faculty members, who prepare the students with real managerial skills. This helps the students with the ability to apply newly gained knowledge in the practical business scenarios.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Management Studies have an Edge over Others When You Think of Career Making

Management degree holders today have world of opportunities at their doorstep. The skill industry is looking for - An entrepreneurial skill; knowledge of technology and proper use of it; awareness how economy can change consumers lifestyle. They also require having the ability to analyse large amount of data in a business, whether it be for financial marketing, market study to understand consumer behaviour and production, or competitors’ analysis to understand their product/services and compete with a better product and service in the market. MBA degree holders are needed almost in every sector of the industries today. Their job is to implement strategies that can influence consumers, their buying behaviour and their lifestyle.

MBAs are also needed in joining relationship building roles in companies. They engage the customers and the prospective customers in making interesting changes in the existing products to meet the product expectations in the market. The scope of job is growing each day with the growing demand for management graduates in the market. Today every field has a specialized management degree courses hence the scope of holding degree in a field of your interest has grown. Whether a start-up or an established company, a production house or service provider, a marketing or sales company or academic houses, all the sectors today has a position open for MBA graduates. The fields include – Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Information Technology, Hospitality, Hospital Administration, Travel Industry, Public Relationship, Customer Relationship, Labour Management and more. Technology is playing a big role in engaging customers in every move of the company.

India’s academic circle is maturing by every day and states like Uttar Pradesh and nearby cities to UP is nowhere behind. You can find some of the top management colleges in UP offering best courses in management studies. If you move towards the national capital, you will come across some of the top universities in Delhi NCR that has become an education hub for the candidates from all over the world.